Jeff Hamrick

Jeff Hamrick

Owner - Art Director

Head honcho and mastermind designer.

About Big Bad Props

Often marketing teams, ad agencies, production companies and other creative professionals have an unusual idea that they want brought to life for their trade show display, marketing piece or media prop but really have no resource for making that idea become reality. Big Bad Props is the answer. We can bring any idea to life.

Big Bad Props is a Charlotte based company that specializes in the creation of one of a kind props, sets, displays and pretty much anything that “you can’t just go buy”. We have team members skilled in design, set construction, large format hand sculpture, animated displays, airbrush, mural and backdrop painting, metal working and even finely crafted unique furniture. You name it, we can do it. Literally, “If we can’t create it God is your only other option.”

If we can't create it, God is your other option.